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Hi all!
I have always had lower back problems. Yesterday after lifting an extremely heavy object I had some back pain but it was tolerable. This morning bent over to get something out of the bottom cuboard and my back went Out!
Hubby had to help me into the living room and I was bawling the whole time. The pain is in the sacral(spelling?) area and the left hip and down my left leg. I could not put much weight on my left leg as it felt that it would collapse..and did, when I tried it.
I went to the ER and they did xrays but could not see anything out of the ordinary. I was diagnosed with acute sprain.
I am on Anaprox,Flexeril and Percoset and although it has totally relaxed me, made it easier for me to move, the pain in still there(though not as bad) and localized to the hip area.
When he was checking me he had me sit on the side of the bed and try lifting my left leg, which I did fine but when I tried lifting my right leg had EXTREME pain( started me bawling again) also when I rise from a seated position or even shift my weight while standing, I hear and feel, a dull click around or right above my sacrel area.
It may just be an acute sprain but the clicking is what has me worried and the fact that even being on all three drugs at once the pain is still there(although GREATLY reduced)
Any input would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

PS. If I don't reply right away(next day or two, please forgive as I am really kind of out of it right now.

One last note, For you chronic back pain sufferer's--"GOD BLESS YOU!!" I definatly, "feel your pain"

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