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Hi Pat,

Thanks for responding. I have just returned from my dr visit and he said that I have muscle spasms caused by all the work I do on the computer and the fact that my desk and chair at work are not accommodating for the amount of work I do on the computer. The muscles are so tight that it is apparently aggravating the nerve that runs down my right arm and up into my neck area. My work area is systems furniture but was recently reconfigured and was piece-mealed together to save money (can you guess I work for the gov't?) I did not get the same type of setup I had before the reconfiguration. My arms basically have no support as I type which causes great strain on my upper back. He was surprised I didn't have the same pain on my left side because those muscles were extremely tight as well.

I don't think I will be able to get my area reconfigured properly, although the doctor did offer to write or call my supervisor to try to make them do it. I am going to have them purchase another chair for me, this one will have adjustable arms that will support my arms as I type.

This doctor I saw was a chiropractor, as well as a M.D. so he offered to do some manipulations for me. I've been to a chiropractor before but it was many, many years ago but I thought anything was worth a try. He did several different things to manipulate my back and neck and I actually walked out of there feeling better than when I went in. The pain in my neck is practically gone and the sharp shooting pains I had had down my arm is gone.

Regarding the dropped foot, I had suffered with sciatica pain down my right leg for about a year. They tried different types of physical therapy, but each time I was worse off after the therapy then before. The numbness started down my right side of my leg (mostly upper) and then I noticed the lower part of my leg going numb (along the right side). As time went on, the numbness spread to the top of my foot and then into my toes. Suddenly one day I woke up and as I got out of bed and started to walk, I tripped over my foot. I realized that I couldn't hold my foot up at the ankle, it just flopped down. At that point, surgery had to be done and the quicker, the better, according to the doctor. I was told that when the nerve shuts down like that, the next thing to go is the bowel and bladder functions. And if those go, there is no hope of getting those back. I've actually spoken to someone who had the same problems and had dropped foot, but after having surgery to relieve the nerve compression, she regained all the function in her foot back. So I do know it's possible to regain the foot function, but apparently the bowel and bladder functions are irreversible.

Hope this helps and I wish you good luck in your pursuits. I thank God that I'm really not in that much pain from day to day. I have good days and bad days but overall I would have to say that I have more good days than bad. I continue to bowl and I have a very supportive husband who helps quite a bit with the housework so that I don't do anything to hurt my back further.

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