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Sorry to hear about the VA and your insurance issues concerning treatment. As far as what you may be experiencing, nobody can completely answer that except proper medical diagnosis. I suffered for 1 yr. with low back pain and sciatica L leg, radicular pain shooting down my L leg. That went on for 1 yr. I sought out help of family Dr. first with treatment for just a minor backache giving me muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and back exercises to do. I then got frustrated with that treatment and sought the care of a chiropractor which proved to be a mistake personally for me. I only went for less than 10 sessions. They Dx me with vertebral subluxation and also were treating me for a suspected herniated disc. They took normal back x-rays but the chiro was doing manipulations without sending me for an MRI for proper DX. I left chiro treatment, went back to family dr. where I let them to the MRI order. I had the MRI done and they discovered herniated disc L5 S1, or they said disc protrusion. The nurse when I inquired about that, she said, "oh disc protrusion isn't as bad as herniated disc" I researched on the internet finding the term protruded, herniated, etc to mean one in the same so I knew I was dealing with fruitcakes in trying to seek treatment. They referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, WHICH through my own personal experience was a pure waste of time and very frustrating. He basically said I could have a series of 3 epidural shots, surgery or live with the pain. I know that the Ortho knew then that the epidurals were just a waste of time but wanted me to go through that monthly instead of getting to the root of the problem and fixing it, he was merely prolonging my pain leading to other serious problems. I then over a period of a weekend had my Dx go completely downhill. I had sooooooo many muscle spasms and debilitating pain that I thought I would die. The pain led to a burning, stinging feeling in my pelvic area and groin area with numbness in my L leg. I then began having trouble with my bladder. I then called the Ortho office, and told them of my problem. By the way, I opted to not have any epidural shots as a way of treatment. Waste of time and just prolonging the inevitable in my own personal opinion. They weren't going to help me. So, after much teeth pulling MY ORTHO which I don't speak of highly or his office staff, FINALLY referred me to where I should have been from DAY ONE and sent me to a neruosurgeon for an appt. I went to the appt. the day before Valentine's Day and he said you will be put on the operating schedule for tomorrow, being Valentine's Day for emergency surgery. This is a massive herniated disc and because of the bladder function going downhill, we must take care of this ASAP. I had pre-op work that night and had another MRI run to make sure nothing had changed since my last MRI and had surgery the very next morning. I'm happy to report, I'm doing really well. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow. I am not 100% but I'm a whole lot better person than I was before 4 weeks ago. I have a somewhat normal life now. I was cathetered in the hospital 3 times and was sent home with a catheter in and had that taken out the following week. My bladder function is good. My numbness is still there in both the L and R side from back of my knee into my buttocks and even the groin and pelvic area. My L leg is the most effected by this and it runs down my leg back of calf and into my foot and heel BUT no more debilitating radicular pain. I can actually walk for longer periods of time where before I had to sit every few steps. I am in therapy twice a week and improving daily. It is still tough. I still have problems getting my sock on my L foot and doing alot of things I am use to doing but I will regain that with time. The neuro who by the way was EXCELLENT said that it would take maybe 4-6 months for the numbness to subside and the legs to get back to normal. Even then, I may not be up to par 100% BUT compared to what I was like before surgery, I'm so much better now! I will take some numbness as long as my bladder is functioning and I don't have radicular pain. I will still have some low back pain, leg pain, etc but nothing like the radicular pain I had before. I do wish you luck and hope that you can find a way for GOOD treatment. You really need an MRI to properly DX and then treat. It is such a shame that you are unable to get correct treatment. I hope that things can get resolved for you and you can get on the road to recovery. Best of luck to you and God Bless!

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