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Hi Kimber 2001: I had a lumbar laminectomy in March 1993; I am now getting numbness in my left leg and part way up my right leg from my foot up my shin (feels like I have a boot on). This happens on the right side only when I sit. Upon attempting to type this, my left foot (toes) started to cramp up and try to stay curled under. I hurried stood up and walked about a bit. Now I am on my knees to type. So, although it is sometime since I had my laminectomy, I am experiencing numbness. I sat around quite a bit this past winter and my neurosurgeon never touched the disk in that area. So, I believe the disk is bulged (plus I have arthritis in facet joints). Wed., Apr. 18, I am going to my doctor (my neuro knew my left leg was numb a few months ago, didn't seem concerned) for a bone xray only (which will show arthritis and vertebre spacing at least which will show how much height disks have lost). I had neck fusion in June, 2000, at C5-6. I'm okay, but still have burning pain and coldness in left hand. Nerves take 1 year to regenerate after fusion. I've never had fusion in lumbar area. I may be having it before all is said and done. Never expect total pain relief from back surgery; purpose is it decompress and save your nerves from damage. Sorry, if this seems rushed; can't stay on my knees. Take care, PatG

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