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Hi Alex-

I am sorry that you are experiencing this much pain. It does sound very much like nerve related sciatica, but then I am not a doctor, just someone who has had the same symptoms before. I have had two lumbar laminectomies on L4-5. I used the same neuro for both. On the second one, alllllll the test you have had, plus others, came back as "normal". It was not until I had a myelogram that he found the problem, a bone spur at the old surgical site. So don't give up! You and your parents keep looking for the answer and it will come. Just be very careful with your body until you know what the problem is.

As far your meds careful with all that tylenol, it is hard on the liver. Lortab and some hydrocodone have tylenol in them already. In fact, lortab is hydrcodone. My neuro suggested Aleve in conjunction with the hydrocodone because it has an anti-inflammatory in it.

I hope you find some answers soon. Keep us all posted...

Hi Alex:

I agree with Kelly - it does sound nerve/disc related. I did have some similar symptoms as you. Right sided sciatic nerve pain, right hip - all the way down to my foot. Physical Therapy (McKenzie and Flexion exercises) did help some of the problem. It helped with hip pain and tingling in my toes. I also have numbness on the upper right side of thigh area. Did this for just over a year. It helped, but not enough. I began experiencing leg weakness in both legs. No amount of therapy helped this problem. I did have a microdiscectomy just 3 weeks ago. Feeling better, but still have a ways to go in my recovery.

I really don't have too much advice to give you -- SORRY! I had only an MRI which clearly showed a severely herniated L5-S1 disc.

I hope they are able to get to the root of your problem soon. Maybe the myleogram will show it, as Kelly stated above.

Are the steroids helping at all? I took the steriod pack a week after surgery for inflammation - I did notice a big difference after 3 days of taking them. It relieved the sciatic nerve (and whole leg) burning. Have you tried to ice your back? That may also help to bring some relief.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Please keep us posted as to your progress.

This is a reply to NIX70ch. It doesn't sound as if you have any injury in the lumbar region to your back. If this is correct I wouldn't be surprised if you have piriformis syndrome which can cause sciatica and the pains you describe. It doesn't show up on an MRI or usual test so it is often misdiagnosed. It is an inflamation of the piriformis muscle which runs diagonally over the sciatic nerve underneath the gluts. It is actually becoming quite a common problem and does not require surgery to remedy. If you think this fits I can point you at some information sites or you can search on your own. There is quite a lot of information on the web on it if you know what you are looking for.

coeste - cheers
I was thinking Piriformis. But, I met with a chiropractor yesterday, and he claims he sees something 3 radiologists, a neuro, an ortho, and my GP doesn't. He says he see a bulges at both L3-L4, and L4-L5. He did a physical exam, and before I could stop him he did a drop on me and "got the disc to suck back in" at L3-4. That was the most horrible thing I think I ever have had to do. He used 2 fingers of pressure and I had to scream at him to stop touching me. He added that along with the bulges I've got the facet's all irritated, and the muscles are becoming weaker and weaker from the problems. After he adjusted it, he put me in a kind of standing traction, sorta like a halo for you cervies, but down low. I'm not sure what to think now. I have an appointment Monday with another ortho back specialist, and I'm going to ask his opinion. I have another appointment with this chiro Monday morning, but I think I may cancel it. On the car ride home, My other foot and ankle went numb and the feeling has not yet returned. I'm not sure if he's made things worse or found the problem, but I know for sure that hurt a whole lot, and if it is a disc problem, Chiropractic is not the way to fix it, right? He did mention involvement of the Cauda Eqiuna nerve, and I started freaking. I haven't had any incontinence problems, but now I'm a little scared.

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