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Hi NIX: I, too, have problems with L4-5, S1-2. I have already had a decompression lumbar laminectomy in March 1993 on L4-5. The disk originally had bulged, but it wasn't bulged during surgery so the neuro surgeon left it alone. However, now I have pain and numbness in left leg and right foot from shin down. I am sorry you are so very young. There is one thing you mentioned that sort of put up a "red flag" to me. It is switching sides; that sounds like a disk. You see, when you sit, you put extreme pressure on the lumbar spine and L4-5 seems to be the most problematic. During your tests, you are most likely lying down, so (as seen in my surgery) you may be having a disk that is bulging only when you are in certain body positions. Because you are only 17, your disks are soft and pliable; as you age, the disks get flatter and stiffer (compare a wet sponge to a dry sponge). If it was a bone thing, I doubt it would be switching sides, bone stays in one place. However, soft tissue, like a disk would tend to shift, as you shift body positions. Try your best NOT to sit up. As I can't stay here long, due to same problem with sitting, although I do have a special computer chair that puts my spine in better alignment, I am having the numbness. Try presenting these thoughts to your doctor. By the way, I had a myleogram and I had no problem; just make sure you do NOT lie down afterwards, as you can get one heck of a headache. Also, neurontin, 300 mg, is great for the burning pain; ask your doctor about it to take along with your pain meds. Take care, PatG

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