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Re: Nerve Damage
Nov 29, 2001
Hi Rosie - Welcome to our board; join the Club nobody wants to be a member of!

I'll answer your Q's as best I can. By the way, if your medical system allows financial redress, you have an excellant case of being mistreated by your docs, not now, but let me know at a later date.

My qualifiers : Progressive back pain x 2 years, 5 or 6 epidural steroid injections, MRI's, CT Scans, and laminectomy L4-5, PLIF L-5/S-1 Jan 02, 2000. As in now living through failed fusion with rods and screws; painfull Peripheral Neuropathy due to lumbar/cervicle, diabetes (Diet-no drugs-controlled). Recent cervicle CT scan: DDD through-out,numerous bone spurs, bulging disc's at c4-5, c5-6, herniated disc and severe Lt sided foraminal stenosis at c6-7, blah, blah, blah...

1st - Blood patch should have (normally here) been done within 24 hrs. Only need to lay flat (if using 4 year out-dated dye) for 12 hrs. Surgery should have been done within a week of CT/MRI done within 5 working days after leg probs from fall..

2d - Majority of your problems seem to be stemming from nerve damage. This was: prior to surgery was probably several sites where nerve compression occurred, due to your writing here your surgeon was a dork so probable further nerve damage from sloppy surgery. During any PT, please ensure inst. do NOT try to get you to practise full ROM exercises, as these could harm nerves further.

Fusion occurs (usually) substantially during first 12-16 months, and hardens and expands to cover fully interdiscal area for up to a year after that. Nerves heal at a rate of one inch per year, however, first you are dealing mainly with letting the nerves that were compressed, and any that MIGHT have been damaged/stressed during surgery heal and "settle down" from invasive surgery.

Best PT for restoring mobility is walking, and sit-ups, and butt crunches, hamstring stretching, female push-ups, and amb crunches. You can research, trust me, or ask why later date. For the foot "drop", rest leg across opposite knee, and concentrate on flexing foot in full round rotations, and up/down, side to side motions. Two weeks with no weight bearing on it, then sloooowly add leg preasure with foot flat on floor. Main thing with ALL the above is repetition, do not get to the point you are jerking, or cheating. Repeating the series until you are tired +1; but not till your so sore the next day, you can't do the reps.

Walking is one of the best strengthening things you can do, wearing brace for foot. I'm sure the PTist will have thier own ideas, the above is tried and proved, among alot of patience where I did my miseries along side them.

Drugs will also help promote healing, or help stop any further degeneration. Two meds that I am taking I can vouch for, there is a multitude available.

Paxil 20mg x 1 daily, mild anti-d, and nerve med
Neurontin 600mg x 3 daily , can slowly move up the dosage to 4000-5500mg daily, whatever you can tolerate. The best for nerve type pain, and promotes healing.
Muscle relaxer: Skelaxin, Soma, Valium, whatever your doc likes.
Ibuprofen 800mg x 3 daily, excellant anti-inflam.
Mega-doses of Vitamins B-6, and B-12 - including shot by doc to bring you up to speed, then tablets therafter to maintain high level. Read-up on this: vitamins in relation to nerves, it will surprise you.

So enough already, I take all the above. My nerve damage in back and legs is very improved, and I will continue...Nerve probs from neck, dx'd 9 Sept 01, to be addressed after holidays.

BEST narcotics for pain and nerve damage pain is:
MSContin - Time Released Morphine
Methadone - THE BEST!.

Sooo, to all that read my novel: thanks, and if in spots you disagree, post

If I can be of further help, give a shout. Please do that anyway, so we know how you are doing.


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