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Re: New here
May 25, 2002
Cauda Equina
When the nerves within the spinal cord have been damaged and as a result nerves supplying the muscles of the legs, bladder, bowel and genitals don't function normally. There is numbness, loss of sensation and pain in in both legs, buttocks and pelvic region. Damage is usually permanent. It was caused, yes by my massive herniated disc. It was pressing on the bundle of nerves at that base of my spinal cord. I suffered bladder loss but it was only temp and I regained that. I still am numb in my L thigh and into my groin/pelvic region. Then numbness does come and go. I was cathetered in the hospital after surgery. I couldn't go on my own. I still couldn't go on my own when it was time to be released from the hospital so I had to leave with a catheter in place for a few days, then finally got it taken out and was able to urinate on my own. I have some pelvic irritation in my L side that flares up and is like groin pain that radiates into my L lower back. I had such a massive herniated disc that it did a number on damaging nerves, some of which I may never regain. My left foot drops etc. Only time will tell BUT the main thing is the surgery saved me from further damage and rid me of sciatica and radicular pain. I'm quite pleased. Thanks

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