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Hi - I know how painful it is -- I'm sure we all do. I never had any luck with nerve blocks. I was sedated when they did them, so there wasn't any pain during the procedure. There was just a bit of localized pain afterwards, but an ice pack took care of it.

The "frying" of the nerves -- I had Rhizotomy, which does the same thing. It was done on several levels. Again, I was "out" so it wasn't painful, but there was some pain afterwards but nothing terrible. It is a temporary "fix" as the nerves grow back - my doc said they grow back at the AVERAGE rate of 1" per month. It didn't work for me.

I would suggest, like some of the other posters, that you get another opinion or see a pain management specialist (if you're not already). Obviously your pain isn't being managed --- it must be brought down to a tolerable level, either by meds or SOMETHING, but you can't be left in severe pain. Insist on better pain management - you deserve it! God Bless. Peace, Lee

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