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Hey Mrshappy,

If you've had the epidurals, the nerve blocks are no worse, in my experience they just pump in a nummer vs. cortisone. The nerve frying your probably referring to is Radio frequency Nerve Ablation - they fry the ends of the nerves so the don't transmit, or grow to fast. I have read that eventually the nerves resume growth and the problems return, so they have to burn them every few years to keep relief happening.

The Intrathecal pump is last show. They'll try you on Opioid Maintenance Therapy to see how you do, then run a line to the spine with a portable pump. You have to jump thru a lot of hoops before you get that far, then you must pass Psych test and the portable pump trial before finally getting surgery to implant the device.

Good luck, some more folks should be coming here that will have more info and opinions than I about the pump.


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