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Jul 20, 2002
I just had a MRI,EMG and blood tests. I have been suffering from lower back,leg and foot pain for a long time. I have been dignoised with degenerative back disease,chronic fatigue, fibro, neuropathy and plantar F. (foot problems with the archs)What can be done all I get is passed back and forth from DR to DR. The pain is their all the time and pretty bad. I have tried every arthritis pill on the market and none have given me relief. Sometime naprosyn takes the edge off. I have ultrim but if I take it like the DR wants me too I have a lot of nausea. When the pain is too bad the ultrim will not help. My right leg really bothers me a lot and I cannot lay on either side without leg pain. I think I just need to see if anyone has a magic answer. Thanks for listening.

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