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Re: Sciatica
May 6, 2002
Hi,i'm 21yrs.old & i have extremly bad sicata pain all day every day,i have had this for about 3 yrs.& i have been through every test & i have tried every type of medication out there(not really,but i have tried lots),& i'm now going to have a cortizone injection because the pain is so bad!i have been to physical therapy with no relief,i have gone to the chiropractor every day for 4 mths.with no releif,& i recently got in a car wreck & now the pain is much worse.i have had an mri & a bone scan & i have also had a emg & ncv,those are nerve tests,the only thing i got out of all of these tests is the bone scan showed inflamation of my si joint which is my sicata,& also the nerve test showed that i have an l5 radiculopathy in my left leg,but both legs pain starts at the top of my buttock's & runs down the back of my buttock into my leg & goes to my knee & should really have a bone scan to see if you have inflamation,if so take vioxx,it is an anti-inflamatory medicine & it really helps,but my dr.said i need to get off them,because it can really damage a kidney,but somedays i have no choice but to take it,because i'm in so much pain.i also take muscle relaxors,i take ultram & balfaclon & i also take some more.but i don't know the names.well if you need any more info,just post & i will reply.thanks & good luck

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