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Hi,Been reading these boards for the last few days.Wanted to know if anyone out there has had similar symptoms.I have had pain in my left armgoing to my wrist and sometimes some of my fingers would tingle.My neck feels extremely tight and I have some limited motion left to right.Most of all when I raise my left arm from my side out it feels like someone punched me below my shoulder and I can't raise it without feeling this more than half way up It also feels somewhat weak.The pain and tingling does not happen all day and sometimes it may skip a day however the upper arm andneck stiffness and tightness is constant.
I saw my physiatrist a couple of weeks ago and he said I may have a pinched nerve in my neck..By the way when I had a car accident last year and was treated for a lower back herniated disc problem I mentioned that I was getting pain in my left arm.At that time my upper arm/shoulder didn't bother me.I did hit my elbow in the accident and he treated me for tennis elbow however my elbow doesn't hurt anymore but my arm and neck sure still does and at times one side of my face feels slightly numb.The doctor is sending me for a EMG for my neck..
Can anyone please tell me if they had experienced these symptoms...Please Help. PS ..To add to my frustrations I'm getting a discogram on my lower back tommorow morning and I'm a little nervous..Thanks

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