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I've read tidbits relating to my situation in other posts, but I'll lay it all out here. Ruptured L4-5 disc since March 2000. Didn't get better w/conservative treatment. Underwent series of 3 epidural injections - no relief. Underwent discogram (one of the worst experiences of my life - no prior pain meds - no Versed - went through it cold and thought I would die). Discogram results were definitive for herniation and 3 pieces of disc were broken free from main disc body, herniated out of disc sac and pressing on L5 nerve. Underwent laminotomy and microdiscectomy and initially had some pain relief. After 4-6 weeks the pain has come back. Had a follow-up MRI (gadolinium enhanced) which showed no more herniation but did show extensive scar tissue. Dr. doesn't want to operate on scar tissue ("it'll just come back"), but wants me to take Naprosyn regularly, physical therapy and definitely no working. I've filed for SSD (claim is pending) and have a suit against the restaurant where I was hurt (I sat on one of their benches which broke - and I'm a relatively small person). IDET is a possibility, but Dr. doesn't want to do anything until at least 6 months post surgery. It feels like my left hip is going to explode, which the doc and therapist says is common given the nerve impingement. It aches all the time and the pain seems to extend from the top of my left buttock out to my hip and down through my thigh. Would myofascial release loosen the musles and give the nerve some relief? I can't sit for long periods, no bending from the waist, no twisting, and can't lift anything at all. I'm obviously guarding in my sleep because I don't move much, and am becoming more despondent since I'm gaining weight due to inactivity. Any thoughts, anyone?

Thanks for listening to my rant

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