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Cronic hip pain
Oct 19, 2002
I'm asking about chronic pain because I wonder how many ppl deal with it. Or am I alone with it. I injured my back yrs ago and I still have problems with pain today. I tore everything from my shoulders to the hips while I was throwing freight in a grocery store.

I was on L&I for awhile afterwards. No compensation, just paid for the Dr. visits.

Well, the pain is no longer in the back, it's settled to the cocxex(sp?) area. In other words, the tailbone. I have the pain there and it usually(80%+) shoots through my left buttock. At times it hurts like an sob just to walk.
I don't know if there is something wrong (had MRI of back/hips, xrays and radioactive dye w/ I believe a bone scan of tailbone and hips. Problem is that nothing shows up. I'm not a hypochondriac, and as I told the state's Dr's "I don't want any &%$#@'n money or a disability. Just find the flippen problem and fix it."

I'm not sure anymore as to whether the pain is something wrong or if could it be a factor of the depression. All I really do know is that I'm so tired of 9+ years of pain.

Tried reopening my claim to no avail. I have full range of motion but somethings goofy. The pain centers at the top of the tailbone and then will radiate across my left buttock. It will be a shooting pain, feels like someone is inserting a dull knitting needle into the hip joint. It shoots from the tailbone outward.

Nothing shows, I know that soft tissue doesn't show in an xray or an MRI. At this point I'm clueless. I wonder if it could maybe be a pinched nerve? I certainly don't want anymore drugs. I take enough for depression/anxiety and epilepsy.

I don't have any numbness or tingling in the area. Any info/ideas would greatly appreciated.


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