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I had a Laminectomy 3 weeks ago, I have been so careful, laying around, not bending, leaning, twisting, and I have been walking.
Last night my friend was walking my dogs, they were on leash, a dog off leash came up to them and tried to attack them, a fight broke out, my dogs are big, they are boxer's and very strong, my friend was scrambiling tryng to contain them but fell to the ground, I had to pull one dog with the leash and bend, today my back and leg hurts, did I re herniate my disc that easily? luckiliy the onwer of the dog appeared pretty quick or it would have been ugly. I see DR thursday, what are the symptoms of re rupturing a disc and can it happen easily? I am scared, I never want back surgery again.
my back is sore and my leg pain is worse.
shoot, I am so mad at myself.


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