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I was in a minor car accident about 1.5 weeks ago. I got hit from behind and my car suffered only minor damage to the back fender. The problem is that what I thought was minor whiplash hasn't gone away and actually feels worse. I can't sleep without some form of motrin/advil and I can't drive or sit for that matter for any lengths of time without feeling very discomfortable and am now using a heating pad/vibrating cushion in my car. I am not a big fan of doctors but, at this point feel that there actually may be something wrong. At my lower right side of my back, I can feel a large lump(swollen muscle??), my rearend feels bruised, my front of my calf has minor pain that burns to my knee and my right side of my neck hurts (this part I believe may be stress due to the way I am walking). Does any one know what may be wrong or should I just wait it out for another week. Any suggestions? Thanks for your insight.

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