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I have been a "lurker" of this board for a while now and even though I hate the thought of all of y'all being in the same situation as me, I am glad I'm not alone in this. Let me tell you all a bit about my problem. I am a photographer and hurt my back on the job in december 2, 99; It wasn't something I knew immediately but it started while lifting a table/platform and got worse the rest of the day. I did not go to the doctor however or contact my work comp rep in the company until the next day when the pain was still there but so bad I couldn't stand upright. I left work early that day and went to my doctor. He chalked it up to a strained muscle and gave me hydrochodone and muscle relaxers. I went in to see him the next week when it still wasn't better and from this point on it just all went downhill. My doctor scheduled an mri and physical therapy. The mri showed nothing and he said that MRI's are never wrong (which I disagree) for me to continue with the therapy. He refilled the pain meds just once for me and then said that was it, that I didn't need them anymore. The physical therapy was so bad I would leave crying and in worse shape than going in and the therapist said that my pelvis area was messed up and that one leg was shorter than the other as a result. I have pain in my lower back (directly over spine) which then spreads out to each side and down my left leg. I have experienced numbness as well and shooting pains down my leg. If I arch my back it feels like something "grating" and the pain gets worse and also I have this horrible popping and cracking constantly when I move. The therapists noted that my reflexes got worse in that leg after being on the therapy. I went in again to my doctor who then referred me to a pain management doctor. But this is where worker's comp stepped in and called that doctor and cancelled the appointment stating that they were not to see me and also told my family doctor the same thing. I was then sent to a back specialist (this is important as they told me he was specifically for backs but I found out he wasn't in that field) who was very sympathetic to me and tried me on pain meds and antiinflammatory meds. When that didn't work he scheduled a pain blocker to be done. Unfortunately the day of that procedure they found out I was pregnant and could not do that. I was then sent to a different doctor because the one I was seeing was not a specialist in that area ...the new doctor told me my problem was that I was overweight and needed to lose weight. I told him I was pregnant and he said I needed to lose weight anyway then sent me on my way. I have never had back problems before the injury and now they want to blame it on being a bit overweight! I have also been in to the emergency room several times in between all this because my back would lock up where I could not move my legs without severe pain. This doctor who told me that I was overweight was only a 1 time deal so I could not see him anymore. (fine by me, he was an idiot) I then decided to call my work comp rep in my company and tell her I wanted to see a different doctor she asked why. When I told her I was still in pain she said to me "you should not be in any pain you just have a strain" and then implied that I was lying because the mri was normal. She agreed though to let me see someone else. This doctor of course could do nothing for me because of my pregnancy but I wanted his opinion on what was wrong with me. He said it sounded like muscle strain even though by this time it was already over 6 months since the injury. After this, my obstetrician started to treat me for my back pain with tylenol #3 which did help some but by the end of my pregnancy I had been in the hospital ER a total of 5 times for my back and I could barely move at all. After I had my baby I went in to see the doctor again and he then said that my pain was due to having an epidural! He then walked out of the room (this is after having xrays done) and I heard him talking about me saying that my back was out of alignment. When he came back in I asked for pain meds and additional testing he told me to take tylenol and that doctors have found it works better than narcotic pain pills. When I told him about the pain in my leg and havin weakness also he sent me to have a nerve test done. It of course came out negative. Meanwhile the rep in my company is telling me there's nothing wrong with me and that I should not be in pain. I still had not gone back to work yet even though the doctor released me with no restrictions and she said I should've been fired for not going in. I just explained that I have an understanding and caring boss and he refuses to fire me when there's still something wrong with me. Well, I continued to see this doctor and having to go to the ER occasionally for pain relief. The last straw was when I went in fed up with it all, asked him for pain meds again and he said "I told you before that you are not getting them and to take tylenol". I immediately lost it and cussed him out and was hysterical asking him how he'd deal with it if he was in my position. He came back in and gave me a prescription for tylenol 3 no refills...which as I'm sure you all know does nothing for pain. He then said I could try to get another mri but it had to be authorized. The man in the compensation insurance denied the request stating that pain is not a reason to have an mri. I stopped seeing this doctor when I tried getting the tylenol refilled and he refused. I then called up the rep and chewed her out (now mind you, I've not been on worker's comp for over 6 months at this point) and told her not to call me again. I returned to work to find out that she had tried to get my new manager to fire me. Now I had to use the ER as my doctor because I had no one and my family doctor flat out said he would not prescribe narcotics for chronic pain. My job is very physical and I'm on my feet and moving/lifting/jumping around everyday...with no pain relief when I get home. I'm not trying to get medication just to have it. I want it to control my pain so I can have a normal life, take care of my kids and go out again. I have been depressed over this and even contemplated suicide once the pain got unbearable. I've been taking tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen so much my stomach hurts now when I take it. I recently went to see my doctor and he asked what was causing me to be depressed and stressed out to which I replied-no relief from this pain. He has been giving me soma which helps my legs but does nothing for the pain in my back. I can't get sleep since no position is comfortable for me either. I am in arkansas and this is probably one of the worst states for pain management. So I am at a loss as to what to do. I am under HMO and since worker's comp called them and said not to see me for my back they won't pay for a pain management doctor. I can't switch family doctors until january and even then I'm not sure if I'd be successful in finding one who would be caring towards me and my pain. All I ask is for more testing to find out why I'm in such pain and also for someone to care about me and what I'm going through. I'm sick of living everyday like this-I rarely go out with friends or family since I'm always in pain. My oldest child told me he wishes my back was fixed so I could play with him again. This is a sad way to live. I'm sorry I've made this so long...and I've still left some stuff out. This has been a huge battle for me and I'm at a loss...I have nowhere else to turn. Thanks for listening

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