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How long was the nerve compressed before you had the surgery? Only a matter of a week or so? If that is the case, I would bet that your nerves will definitely "come back to life" as they were not compressed for a very long time.

It is not unusual to feel numbness/tingling after only 3 weeks of a laminectomy. ( I had a micro-d of L5-S1 and did experience some numbing and different sensations). This went away after 2 months or so. I currently am having some trouble with butt/leg pain again.

Anyway, You mention swelling. Ask the doctor to give you the 6 day steroid pack to take for inflammation. I had horrible leg pain (like it was on fire) about 2 weeks after surgery. The doc gave me the steroids and it immediately cleared up (about 90% of it anyway).

In your case, an emergency surgery WAS NECESSARY. Any time you cannot feel when you go to the bathroom, it is a medical emergency, so I think they made the right call.

You will probably feel different sensations as you begin to heal. You should ask for some pain medication for just a few months while you are healing. You may want to ask about physical therapy. Some people start PT only a couple of weeks out of surgery. I started at about 5 weeks after surgery. By your symptoms, it doesn't sound that you are ready to start PT yet, but ask the doctor and just keep it in mind.

I hope your feeling better soon. Keep us posted on your progress!

Hi sue,

thanks for taking the time to respond to my e mail. I appreciate it.
I am not sure how long my nerve was compressed for, therer are 2 stories to tell. the first one is, my original injury date was sunday, while pulling out that rose busch I hurt myself. I had back/leg pain. wedensday night, I got in the hot tub for 2 hours and beated the jet's on my back, after I got out, the real pain kicked in, like burning, numbness, knives, muscle cramps, shooting pains like nothing I had before. I had surgery friday night, so if the disc ruptured sunday it was compressed 6 days, if it ruptured in the tub, it was compressed for 2 days. what do you think? and yes, I have plenty of pain meds, hundred's of them, I take them a few times a day, they make me kinda plugged.
I still have pain and will ask dr about steroids. not looking forward to seeing this guy. I think I hurt my back lst night, will post sepratley.

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