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I am 3 weeks post op on a Laminectomy/ decompression on L5-S1 with SEVERE nerve damage. I went to the ER for back pain and the DR sent me home with a shot of morphine and pain meds... at the time, I had numbness in my left upper thigh, doc told me it was do to swelling... the next day I woke up with groin numbness, both thigh's numb, just to my knee's, and I could not feel myself going to the bathroom. MRI showed MASSIVE herniatd ruptured disc that was pressing on my spinal nerves causing numbness and damage. they rushed me into surgery right than and there, would not let me leave and would not let me get a 2nd opinion, said I could be paralized if it wasn't decompressed right away. I had a 4 hour procedure by the meanest Neuro on the planet, this guy was HORRID..... He told me my nerve was almost severed and that he did not know what my outcome would be. He kept saying, I did the best I could for you , He kept me in the hospital for 4 day's I am now 22 days post op. I was told I have cauda equina syndrome, but thank god I have bowel and bladder control, although it's not the same.
I am still totally numb with no improvment, I can't feel my butt at all when I sit, it;s an awful feeling. since my surgery, I have a numb right foot, the heel and 1/2 of the top of my foot and it hurts really bad..... my back pain is minimal, but I have calf pain and pains in my leg. I am not able to sit comfortably, I hope this passes. the DR also said I have another blown disc that is also herniated that might need a fushion down the road, I am so scared..... my right foot is also so weak, I am un able to stand on my toes with that foot and I walk funny, is this normal??? I have not seen my neuro since I left the hospital, my first apt is next week, he is a very un friendly and cruel man, I am scared to even see him, he yelled at me in the hospital and was so cold. I plan on getting my records, MRI'S and going to see a nice orthopedic spine specialist....... I have been off work for almost 4 weeks and don't feel ready to go back to work, I have a desk job and can't sit. what is the normal amount of time one can be off work for this procedure??? will the DR extend me a few more weeks off? my work needs a letter stating When I can return. I am on disability.
I injured myself ripping out a rose busch, I yanked and yanked and yanked, until I had massive back pain and horrendous leg pain.

thanks in advance for any feedback, I had no say in the matter fo surgery and I had no time to act or do any research, they just wheeled me away and did the surgery. is this also normal???

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