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Re: Nerve pain
Sep 29, 2002
Hi Christina , I am usually on Spinal disorders posts but spotted your ???.. I had terrible sciatica after my 2nd spinal op , months of it, I know where you mean it is, at the top of the back of the leg but DEEP inside of it , like bad toothache or something, but worse ! I never had it radiate down the leg either .. .I never knew when it would strike , any time in the middle of night , mostly in bed , and I'd writhe around in bed for ages until I couldn't stand it any longer.. My poor husband would be woken up, and he would get his big elbow, believe it or not , and dig it in like a massage into the sciatic nerve area so hard !! .. it was the only way I could release that nerve !.. It was really sore to get it done ,I'd be gritting my teeth, but eventually it would release it and I could go off to sleep!.. Many black and blue bruises but worth it for relief!..
I was later given Tegretol for another condition of burning/nerve damage , and the sciatic nerve problem stopped , but after many months of sleepless
nights ! ..
So, Christina , from one who does know .. My love and thoughts are with you sweetheart! I am so sorry to hear you are going thru that .. what about asking a GP or Specialist if you could try a medication, like Tegretol..
(New Zealand name , but look up the American version ?) I hope this may help or someone else may have an idea ?.. Take Care Belle NZ xxx

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