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Re: Omab
Sep 15, 2002

I am soooooo sorry you are in so much pain . My suggestion to you would be to STOP EVERYTHING! until you can get into the doc. Unless your pt does nothing except ice and maybe a little muscle stem or MILD manual traction, I wouldn't go to them either. The following is the pt thread:

"Have you started rehab yet? My dr. wanted me to go to a specific PT clinic and therapist. He was monitoring my progress very closely because I am such "an interesting case" and there is so much more going on with my back in addition to the IDET. The PT he sent me to never saw me and actually shuffled me to another therapist in his clinic. I felt very uneasy about this because like I said, she had never done therapy on a post IDET patient before. She was also having me do pelvic tilts I mentioned before as well as stretching. Alot of manual, hands on stuff and it hurt and I started having more consistent pain.

At my check-up I told the dr. & he was pretty upset that the one therapist never saw me. So... he sent me to another clinic and promised me I would like these guys. They were great!!! I wish you were in Loveland, I'd suggest you go to these guys.

Anyway, my new PT said there are two things that actually cause a disc to rip, shearing - caused by movement like twisting and the like and I can't remember the other term but it's caused by bending. Some discs are more suseptable to tears than others, but those are the two reasons they tear.

So, stretching after an IDET is BAD, BAD, BAD because you are moving your lumbar to stretch - kind of like the bending movement. It's impossible not to move it. He had this little meter he would place in the small of my back when I was lying down doing the exercises that would show movement. So, in watching the meter, I could do the exercises without moving my lumbar. It was the best physical therapy I have had in my life - no kidding!

They taught me the "waiter's bow" which is a bend from the hips, not the waist. Even during my 7 - 8 pain scale flare-ups, I can bend some without increased pain and during a normal day 4 - 6 scale, I can bend far without increased pain! The other thing that was "grass roots" therapy was an exercise they do in Polaties (sp) It's like a pelvic tilt only you don't move your lumbar. (this is where that meter came in very handy) - You try to push your belly button into your spine using muscles only and keeping your back still. It's very good and the basis for all the other exercises. These are called "Lumbar Multifidus Activation" and "Transversus Abdominus Activation". These are what an IDET patient should be doing 2 weeks prior to the procedure and can start immediately after the procedure. So, be sure and ask your PT about them. They are VERY GOOD!!!

I cannot emphasize enough on taking our care into our own hands and insist on seeing someone that knows what they are doing. It's nothing to stick a wire in a disc, heat it up, wait and pull it out - barring hitting a nerve. But the rehab makes all the difference in the world for success or failure. If you are pretty open insurance wise as to where you can go for rehab, and don't have a therapist yet, I suggest you get on the phone and ask questions of therapists: like how many IDET patients have they seen, what is their general approach to post IDET rehab, etc. I bet you could even get a prodocol printout from IDET on the web for rehab. Pain with rehab post IDET is not good if you didn't have any prior to rehab which I did not.

Also, ask your doctor about massage and see if he couldn't give you a script for at least once a week. He may have an idea as to who to go to or again, make calls. You don't want to go to someone who has not done massage on post IDET patients. You know how our 'global muscles' are always on fire, guarding our backs. It affects our hamstrings, upper backs, basically everything and the massage helps those muscles and also releases endorphins that helps block pain."

So, anyway, please try not to stress over this thing. As you know, it just makes the pain worse. Hot baths, (maybe epsom salts) and then ice immediately after. If the bath is too hard to get in & out of, try a hot pack but remember to ice immediately after.

I have definately been there, and I pray you did not re-injure. It is normal protocol is to do a series of epidurals after an IDET if necessary. I had one prior to my second disco and would have done more had it helped. It did for 2 days so my doc didn't want to do another because it was so short lived.

However, if what you are experiencing is "simply" swelling due to over-excertion or too deep massage, then the epidural would certainly calm it down!!!

Please let us know how you are doing and what the doc says - I am praying for you for quick relief. The Word says that we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Even though I can't physically lay hands on you, I am doing it in the "spirit". I am doing my part, God, and because you are a God of Your Word, I know that You are doing Yours. In Jesus name, Amen!

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