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Re: Omab
Sep 15, 2002
Thanks for looking me up....I haven't been on much. I have been in horrible pain since this past wednesday and have basically been crying and screaming since.
I hate to even admit that, but I've really come to my wit's end. I've been so careful about rehabing and I go to PT 3x a week!!!! WHAT do I have to do?????????????????????????????????????

I TRY to think positive, but it's awful hard when I feel like this was all for nothing. Now ALL my paid time off is gone and since I went back to work my long term disability time period starts all over again...which means I wouldn't get ANY pay until 91 days after the doc says no more work.

My pain sits at an 8 constantly now and it's JUST like before the IDET. I'm TERRIFIED! If it is only what PT says, I'll be relieved and amazed, but....
My PT is really good, I haven't been able to find your PT thread, wasn't sure where to look?!?!? But, from researching the post IDET parameters, they seem to be on the right path. My IDET doc sends all his pts to this PT.

I plan on calling the doc monday morning to see if I can get in...I've gone through all my pain meds and am having to borrow from others. Darvocet and Vicodin are not even touching it now and Percocet kinda takes the edge off , but makes me crazy nauseous. :.(

Glad to hear you're able to get out and ride...that would be fun . It's good to have something like that that you's good for your spirit. Rain does those bad things to me too. And THAT time of the month too. I never figure it out until after'd think I'd figure out the trend....

Glad to hear you are able to cut down on the pain meds. The part you were saying about the disc "shifting"....EXACTLY!!!!! That's precisely how I explained it to my doc. Makes sense since they say that disc is super mobile and the ones surrounding it are under mobile. When I drive I have to 'lift' myself with my elbows and can only hold the bottom of the wheel to minimize the 'shifting, sliding' feeling.

My pain after the procedure was usually like you describe and the 'rear end' pain was my slow down sign too.

Sorry to cut short, but not feeling well. Keep up the good healing. Hope you continue to do well!!

Thanks to you both for showing concern it means a lot.

L4-5 herniation/annulus tear, L3-4 herniation
Post op IDET 7-12-2002

Wishing you pain free moments, however short they may be. OMAB

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