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Help!!! Please!!!!
Oct 2, 2002
Hi Everyone, I was hoping to maybe get some answers or advice I have been having back problems for 3 years now that resulted from a simple everyday kind of move.. I was at work leaned forward from a sitting position to pick up a piece of paper from the floor and hurt my back .. At that time with only xrays taken the dr said I had lumbar strain .. sent me for therapy and on my way .. This was an Orthopedic Doc... I have always had pain and some sort of stiffness since this happened.. This Year in May I did it again .. Only to be in worse pain and it happened from just standing up .. I ended up in the emergency I couldnt walk sit stand or lay down without pain they gave me shots of Toradol and Valium and sent me for an mri .. The results were as follows 1.CENTRAL SMALL DISC PROTRUSION AT L3-4 IS NOTED WITH MILD MASS EFFECT UPON THE THECAL SAC.
4.MILD DEGENERATIVE FACET DISEASE BILATERALLY AT L4-5 AND L5-S1.. Again he said Lumbar strain and sent me for therapy .. I finished therapy and three days after I was released the same thing only to be even worse this time the pain was so bad that I couldnt walk at all .. it seemed as I had no strenght to get my self to and upright position and if I did it was unberable I had to crawl to get to the bathroom .. I am only 32 years old .. Kinda embarrasing .. saw the orthopedic 3 days later he said again LUMBAR STRAIN !!!! hes sending me for PT again ARGH .. one question I have is .. Has anyone hurt them selves this quickly after finishing weeks of therapy? .. two would be have you done it by just simply moving in a normal fashion ?.. this last time I was drying off after the shower.. three should he have done another MRI since the last one was done in may 4 months ago before hurting myself again And four would be does anyone know what these MRI results mean???.. Any and all answers would be greatly appreciated.. I am sorry this is so long .. But I figure the more info the better chance I have at getting answers .. Oh and by the way I am still hurting .. Not quite as bad but every move I make I feel a stabbing pain in my back almost as if its going to get that bad and happen again at any min .. Thanks

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