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Re: Upper back pain
Jan 10, 2002
Hey FireIce,

Usually the problems with the arms and hands is related to the C5/6 herniation. They can pin that down with a nerve study. Thats where they track nerve loss by sending electrical pulses through the nerve to find the point of loss. The tightness around the chest is a good indication of the effects of the Thorasic herniation. A problem in that area is hard to remedy without surgery and if you have been reading any of my posts involves a very dangerous surgery. I would ask your doctor in reference to the Thorasic herniation if you should see someone else who specializes in that area. Doctors who deal in this area of the back go by completely differnt rules than are used on any other area of the spine.

Your cervical herniation may be solved with physical therapy but, may like myself involve surgery. That operation if done properly is not bad in my opinion.

The Thorasic on the otherhand is quite dangerous and serious undertaking. The prolem with Thorasic herniations are they normally never improve and only get worse. I found myself having steady deterioration until my surgery on November 2nd of 2001. I am still in the midst of recovery at this point and have found the surgery so far the best thing I have done. I only hope you didn't do this as part of worker's comp because they will fight any surgery in that area with a vengence. Should you need any futher background on the Thorasic condition feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] I will be happy to provide my experience. You will find it difficult to find information on the Thorasic.

Keep us informed,


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