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Upper back pain
Jan 9, 2002
I had a fusion with screws on the L4-5-S1 in Dec. of 2000. I also was told that I have some herniation of the C5-6 and T7-8 areas.
The fusion surgery has taken away a lot of the pain. But just this last week the pain in the upper back is hurting so much more.
I will be seeing the doctor on friday for this pain. When I mentioned the upper back pain to another doctor all he said was"it is rare to injure the thoraic area because the rib cage is so sturdy and protects the area of the spine"

I dont have severe pain at this time. The pain is aching and sometimes I feel like I am being constricted around the chest. I have been having some tingling in the toes. My neck and arms feel heavy and ache. But the pain gets worse if I am lifting or carry anything. It hurts more is I am laying on my sides or back. Now walking is starting to bother me. the pain comes from the back and goes around to front of chest. What do you think it the cause and what should I be asking the doctor on friday.


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