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Re: Inched nerve
Mar 18, 2001
Hi, i just started seeing a chiropracter.He is a friend of family and with x-rays he found 4 disc out of alignment and the disc in the center is also tilted and thats the one that is pinching nerve.All i know is i am mentally worn out when the pain comes on ,it kills my arms and back and neck and stomach and chest muscles are even tender.This happens everyday and at any time here lately alot when i lay down to sleep after sleeping awhile i feel it start in my stomach and it sits me straight up in bed and has me in pain for hours and after its over i ache like crazy!This is destoying my husband and my life its a nightmare and i am now so depressed from the attacks my husband wants me to get help.I have spentlots of money on other things that wasn't it and i am in so much pain when attacks come on i just tell my husband to shot me cause i can't take it anymore.

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