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Re: Burst Fracture
Sep 27, 2002
Like jjkursed Im also relieved to hear of someone with the same problem as mine.
I also suffered a fractured L1 (4 months ago) and like you I would like to get more info from the doctors.

I get different info every time.. The last "call" was that I would be having problems for at least 6 additional this just a couple of weeks ago. Something I was not prepared for eventhough Ive been very persistant to get info.

I dont know what specific questions you have but I can try to explain how I feel. Pain on and off (diffuse pain in whole back and shooting pain in pelvis/hip - no nerve damage though according to MRI) and crooked back due to muscles beeing tense in only one side.
My doctor says this is not unusual at all and just wants me to continue training with my PT. I also have a brace (and painkillers).

Other info Ive gotten is that some people get cronic pains after this injury but they do not think I will be one of them (because Im young, welltrained, non smoker, no previous backproblems, clean MRI bla bla..)
Furthermore there is apperently a greater risk go get a herniated disc at the injured vertebrae, if back is stressed too much (like lifting heavy). No moving pianos :-)
Backmuscles can also be "insufficient" for a while, they just get tired very fast - this is very true for me!
I was vey worried that I didnt improve for 4 months, but as my doctor says - not unusual or alarming at this point. Ofcourse this info applies to my case, it might not be the same for your husband, but I hope the info helps somehow.


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