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I hope your injections go well. I, like you, was scared to death going into my injection. But it went very well as far as the procedure went. I had no pain at all during the injection. It was afterwards that I had discomfort, but only for an hour. They gave me 2 Vicoden the second I returned to recovery. That helped a lot. I am one of the unfortunate ones that the injections have not helped. I just had my second one done last week. I have tried to stay very optomistic that maybe the meds will kick in this week. If you don't feel relief after about a week, at least try the 2nd one. I was told that if the 2nd didn't work, that I really didn't need to try the third.

As for the meds, your doctor should have prescribed you some pain meds before the procedure. I was told in radiology that they could give me drugs while there, but they couldn't prescribe anything for me to take home. Luckily, my doctor already gave me Vicoden.

Let us know how you did! Best of luck!


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