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Hey Halley

I have had 5 weeks PT so far and still no relieve.
Starting this week my PT is going to try a TENS unit on me. I will let you know if that helps at all. Has your doctor ever mentioned "Costochondritis" as part of the problem? That is basically inflammation of Rib Cartilage. Try doing a search on that and see if your symptoms are similiar to others...
My Dr. did mention that to me as maybe being "part" of my pain, especially in the front chest/rib area. I know some of my symptoms are similiar to others, but not all.
This will be week 2 back to work, last week didn't go so well, but maybe this week will be better!!
Friday my massage therapist mentioned having my ribs looked at. She wants me to bring my x-rays with me next session, and she is going to see
if she can get someone in the clinic to have a look at them.She keeps asking me what do the Dr.s say? and I keep telling her they say keep doing what I am doing with therapy and meds. I can definately understand if there is something not right with my ribs, because when I first started to have this pain it was towards my back right in the rib area. Last Thursday I developed a really sharp pinching feeling on or just to the right of my spine. So I guess I will just have to wait untill I get into see a spine specialist or untill my rheumatologist appointment at the end of May.
Any ways take care and keep me posted.

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