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Constant Sciatica
Mar 25, 2002
Suffered a prolapsed disc on the last vertabrae 11 months ago & the MRI showed in December that the disc had gone back but had a small bulge on it. Not serious enuff to operate. I'm still in considerable pain and the specialist attitude was well it will probably last another 10 months. But I told him I'm still getting the sciatica in both legs so how do you explain that. He seems to think my nerve is damaged. I'm 32 cant jog or run have difficulty bending and suffer from constant sciatica wether sitting,lying down or standing. Has anyone got an idea of why this is happening and how much longer I'm going to suffer this as I feel after 11 months that if it was going to get better it would of done by now.
Thanks in advance for anyone who is willing to read and reply.

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