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Sep 17, 2002
Hello everyone:

Sorry in advance if this is long.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. Just would like to know if anyone could tell me if a herniated disc could be caused from sitting down at a computer 8-9 hrs a day.

On New Years 1998 I went to urgent care due to severe lower back and leg pain on my left side. I was told it was sciatic. I ws given a shot & pain pills and went home. I followed up with my md, but by then pain had diminished & went back to work.

I've had lots of leg cramps on my left side since then, but only off and on and not enough to cause me to lose more than 3 days work. In Aug of 2001 my family doctor suggested I file a workers comp on my back pain, which I never did because I just couldn't see what my back had to do with me sitting at the computer.

In May of this year I went to Physical therapy for cubital/carpal tunnel. I did a few floor exercises to stretch my arm/back/neck and then traction. The next day I had severe lower back pain & could barely get up. Again I found myself in urgent care.

When I followed up with my family doctor I was referred to neurologist and had mri showing 8mm herniated disc @ l5-s1. I asked neurologist if this could be work related. He said maybe, but not probable. I have another work comp injury which I mentioned before & had to see a QME, with regard to this injury. I just was curious what his opinion was.

When he looked at my mri he said "very odd", mentioned that he was going to consulate with a specialist and left the rm for a few minutes. When he came back he said that the herniated disc was a very large one and that in his opinion it seemed to be some kind of trauma, i.e., accident, but I've never had accident that I can recall. But then he also said that it might be an infection. He asked if I had ever had a discogram or epidural because sometimes this is how an infection can occur. I've had neither. In his opinion he felt that I should have a ct scan in order to rule out trauma, infection. If both ruled out, than he thought there is a 65% chance it is worked related.

Tomorrow I go back to neurologist b/cuz HMO wants me to have emg. I am currently being treated by family doctor. Haven't decided if I should file wrk comp or just keep seeing my regular md.

Any advice would really be appreciated.

Thank you!

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