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Please help..
Oct 27, 2010
Hi all,

I read some of the questions posted here similiar to the symptoms I have. Unfortunately, I haven't been lucky to be given a proper diagnosis. I have seen several specialist but they told me there is nothing wrong with me and i should not be feeling the pain that I have.

I'm still searching for answers as I know these pains I'm experiencing do exist and its a problem.

These is what my MRI's report states and I hope someone here can advise or explain what do they mean? Is it not a problem? Is it true I shouldn't be in this much pain?

MRI Report:

The Spinal cord and posterior fossa unremarkable. The alignment is within normal limits.
The C5/6 and C6/7 disc spaces are mildly disiccated with loss of T2 signal.
However, no significant neural foraminal stenosis or spinal stenosis is seen.
No extradural or intradural mass is visualised.

MRI of the lumbar spine was performed using T1W, T2W sequences acquired
in the sigittal and axial planes. The L5 vertebrae is sacralised.
The lumbar spine shows a normal alignment and lordosis. There are normal signal characteristics arising from the lumbar vertebrae and disc. The L4/5 disc has a mild generalsied bulge flattening the thecal sac. Otherwise no evidence of disc degeneration or protrusion is seen.
The are no para-spinal masses or collections to note. The lumbar thecal sac and cord are otherwise normal. The facets joints, ligamentum flavum and neuro-exit foramina are unremarkable.

I have seen so many doctors and specialist over this and different doctors gave me different answers.

One doctor told me that most probably my nerve is pinched, thus the pain I have at my right buttock and down my leg.


Please can someone explain if I should worry? Do I seek medical advise out of my country?

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