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The pain is to the side of my upper spine, that stays tender & hurts all the time. It hurts moving forward. From there, I have pain going down my spine and over into my left & right sides now. That gets significantly strong. In my spine and one side, it hurts with breathing in sometimes & deep breathing anytime. Some shoulder pain running into my left side. Runs up into my neck, through my jaw, and causes headaches/migraines and TMJ type pain. Occassional vomitting from the pain being so bad. Tingling all over including my scalp, numbness in neck area, tightness in my back, neck, jaw, sides, abdomen, bladder, left of chest. I'm feeling sharp stabbing pain shooting through my body now too. I know I can get more testing to see if it's a spinal problem, but what if it is a muscle tear that won't heal without surgery. How do you get such a diagnosis unless they just go in and look? An MRI won't show these muscle problems. What would be the difference in a test with contrast and one without??

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