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Yesturday morning at 4:30am I woke up on my right side. I went to turn as my hip was sore only to discover I could not move. My lower back felt like it was in some kind of vice & I was sort of stuck in a semi fetal position.
Any attempt to roll or move felt like my back was going to snap in half. My husband got up & helped me to roll onto my back, we waited & he quickly rolled me onto my left side so I could attempt to get out of bed.

I have cervical & lumbar problems. There is herniation at L1-2 with mass effect on the thecal sac & exiting of the left L2 nerve root.
Mild bulging at L4-5 & again at L5-S1 along with facet joint disease. This was found in the summer of 2009.

I felt the problem was towards the lower portion of the back more centered. The night before I was really sore in the center right where the back meets the buttocks. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but I don't often have any major problems in the lumbar. In the last several months Ive had problems with my right foot swelling & some pain in my big toe.
have hip pain, lower back & my knee wants to give out at times. Not even sure if its related. My cervical problems have always been far worse then the lumbar.

That same morning my small toe was really hurting on the right foot, more throbbing type pain. So its all kind of strange how one thing occured after another that day i& into the following morning.

My husband was pretty shook up, he said I looked like I was paralized but I explained that is not the case I just could not move my lower extremities because I was so fearful of the pain. We don't realize how much we use our back until something like this happens.

I was extremely upset as I was really hoping my Cervical was causing the foot problem. To much to think of major problems in both the cervical & lumbar.

Anyone ever go through anything like this? I know people speak of their backs sort of locking up on them so I'm thinking this is kind of what happened. Have an MRI to schedule of both Lumbar & Cervical.
Thank you in advance to anyone who has any input.

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