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:([QUOTE=bertrand93;4629115]Im new to the fourm and thought it would be a good place to get some advise.
I have had sereve pain in my left leg, butt all the way down through my foot.
It has been over 3 months now and I have already had my MRI done.
I have been on anti-inflamation meds for over a month and using T3 to try and fight the pain. My physio has already told me that there is no point to continue physio, he compared it to throwing a bucket of water on a forest fire.
The result are the MRI are
L2-L3: slight bulge and annular tear
L3-L4: disc bulge and annular tear
L4-L5: Large herniation, at least 1.2 cm
L5-S1: Large herniation, 9 mm

The last three are all affecting nerve roots.


Well I just had my surgery on L5S1 in sept, and then again on oct 5 to redirect the screw. I am having the same pain in my right foot whichs starts from my hip. It wakes me up in the night its so bad. I dont know if its from laying on my left side for so long that something gets pinched or cut off, but its worse then my back pain at times. Last night was actually the worse, and it felt as if someone took a hammer and hit it over the top of my foot. After surgery, I had trouble walking cause it hurt my hips and couldnt put pressure on my feet or it would shoot pain up n down my legs. Doc said it was my
SI Joints. So after a week of being home I had some injections done in my hips so i could walk better and i wouldnt have to put so much weight on my back that was just operated on. I used to get the injections 1 a month for my back before surgery as well. So im wondering myself, is what Im feeling now alot more from the SI Joints and my injections that wore off just about?? So I will probably call tomorrow and ask and try to have the injections done again while Im still healing and recovering. I have to be able to walk to heal. I hope you find something out as well. Sorry I just told you what was going on with me and didnt give you advice :( Keep me posted though :wave:

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