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[QUOTE=laboyd1379;4632979]Hi I'm new to this forum. I"m hoping someone here can help me with my MRI results. I was able to obtain my results yesterday but I wont be able to talk to my doctor until my next appt in late dec. And I'm curious to know what all this means. So any help would be really appreciated :)

MRI of the lumbosacral spine

[B]findings:[/B] the lordosis is exaggerated. No fracture, spondylolistheis or loss in height of vertebral bodies is noted. No marrow space signal intesity abnormality is seen. There is disc desiccation at L4-L5. the conus medullaris is normal in signal intensity and contour, extending as far caudal as the L1 superior endplate. No congenital canal stenosis is seen.

Axial images demostrate clockwise rotatory scoliosis. The L1-2, L2-3. and L3-4 levels are otherwise unremarkable. At L4-5 there is a left paramedian herniation with thecal sac impingment. At L5-S1 a transitional level there is central herniation, with thecal sac indentation.

[B]Impression[/B]:there is a left paramedian herniation at L4-L5 with thecal sac impingment. At L5-S1 a transitional level there is central herniation, with thecal sac indentation.

Does anyone have any idea what any of that means??:confused:[/QUOTE]

>>>Hi laboyd, and welcome to the forum. I am by no means able to completely translate, but I can tell you what some of it means.

You don't have any nerves being pinched, and that's a good thing! At the L4-5 level, the disc is bulging to the left and pressing on the thecal sac which is the sac that protects the spinal cord.

At L5-S1, there is a disc bulging centrally into the thecal sac.

Also, there is some loss of the normal curve of the spine and you also have some degree of scoliosis.

What kind of symptoms are you having and what kind of dr. did you see? You should be seeing an Orthopedic Spine Specialist or a neurosurgeon. That doesn't mean you need to rush into surgery; it's just that those kinds of doctors are best equipped to read your MRI, explain it to you, and talk about your options. Should he push surgery, get a second opinion at least, if not 2 more. Surgery should most often be a last resort. Not knowing your symptoms it's hard to say any more than this.

I hope you will continue to post here and keep us updated on how you are doing. This group is exceptionally good at giving support and answering questions and it's a great place to let off steam, as well.



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