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Hi I am a 35yr old female who has suffered with chronic back pain since MVA in 2008.. I have had all the conservative treatment ie: Meds, PT, Epidural and Facet injections, etc.. I seen a neurosurgeon a few weeks ago and had another MRI done the results were..
Endplate degenerative changes with Schmorls nodes T12-L1 L1-L3. No acute associated marrow edema.. No other focal lesions. T12-L2 Endplate degenerative changes.. No canal or foraminal stenosis.. L4-L5 Facet hpertrophy with ligamentum flavum thickening mild to moderate.. L5-S1 Facet Hypertrophy with ligamentum flavum thickening. Degenerative Disc Disease with dessication, posterior central annular tear with 4mm associated posterior central disc protrusion, moderate deforming the ventral aspect of the thecal sac.. No focal neuro compression, Minimal canal compromise but mild foraminal stenosis.. Impression: Multilevel Facet degeneration bilatterally L4-L5 L5-S1.. Moderate degenerative disc disease L5-S1 with disc protrusion and annular tear posteriorly... I do have left sided sciatica symptoms thats horrible while sitting.. Pain is a burning pain in my buttocks and back of my thigh cramps and burns.. After a while the pain and cramps go into my calf and top of my foot just burns and tingles and the backs of my calf start the same burns and tingle pain.. Are these MRI results and constant back pain and intermeddiate sciatica consistant with a plif being done.. I did see an Ortho-Spine surgeon who said he would do ADR if Insurance would cover or a fusion if necessary.. I may need it or maybe i dont want to accept the fact Its wither surgery or get to a point it does alot more damage.. Sorry for babbling but I have never posted anywhere only read them.. Anyone with an answer or had the same issues a reply would be awesome..


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