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Hey folks,

It's all I can do to sit upright and type this but I am looking for some word of wisdom. Six hours ago I was playing rough with my dog, sat up cross legged on the floor. He drew back and as I leant forward to grab him I felt a click in my lower back.

This immediately floored me and it took half and hour (and an awful lot of pain) to get to my feet. Whilst I was down there, I experienced spasms but thankfully, these passed.

So now I am lopsided. I can barely walk but am leant heavily to the left. Sitting, standing, laying - all are uncomfortable.

I went to A&E (that's ER for our American Cousins) and faced with a three hour wait to see a Doctor, decided to take the nurses advice: High strength Ibuprofen and rest, sat in a chair with a heat pack on my lower spine.

Thing is, I started a new job only last week and am concerned this could spell a long lay off already, meaning I am unlikely to keep it. I am due to go back in a day and half after the Christmas holiday.............could be tricky.

So anyway, save wrangling on, I wondered if anyone else has experienced this type of freakish injury. I am an otherwise healthy male, 28yrs old with no prior back complaint.

- Do you think there's any chance of making it to my desk on Thursday?
- Do you have any idea what it could have done?
- Am I likely to have sustained a long term injury?

All help and advice greatly appreciated, especially from anyone with personal / professional experience?


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