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After 2 back surgeries in the last 2 1/2 years including July 2010 TLIF failed lumbar fusions L4-5, L5 S1, with severe back pain and acute achy legs. After drug eluting coronary stent 3 months ago, I have been cleared for a redo. Orthopedist wants to do 2 phase surgeries, anterior/posterior ALIF and decompression of L3-4. Is this overkill, and I first have to detox from Oxycodone 2 weeks pre surgery.
2 part operation Tues/Thursday, Feb 8 & 10.
All those narcotics caused low testosterone levels, and addiction, and I am scared to death. Is it worth front/back surgery to achieve fusion. Using cadaver and synthetic and my bone this time. Zero fusion last time, is there an easier fusion surgery? I stop Plavix and aspirin 7 days pre surgery.
Bedridden since Aug 2009, even tho I walked, PT, strengthening exercises. Even bone growth stimulator failed to fuse me. How long to recover? Should I insist on only one surgery? I have 5 coronary stents, and am 60 yr old man. I have caregivers and wife to take care of me and provide meds. Is this the best fusion surgery?
I wish you luck,sounds like your plate is full before even getting the surgery...but it seems as though you have good Drs. looking after your case. I had the posterior surgery in 2008,S1 to L3. My surgeon was going to do the 360 but changed his mind feeling that he could accomplish stabilization posterely alone. I fused really good except at L3 L4 so revision surgery was in order....this was done this past May and it was a 360. Recovery has not been to bad but I would'int mislead anyone and say it was a breeze either,its a slow process and you just have to be patient and follow Drs orders...the pain gets better,kinda in baby steps :)
As far ortho vs neuro,the most important aspect of choosing is the Dr you feel the most comfortable with. I had all three of my surguries done by a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who splcializes in back surguries, there are other Drs in his practice that specialize in knee joint replacements,foot/ankle surgery,ect. I had a second opinoin with a neurosurgeon who siad he would do the reconstruct but he would be teamed up with his partner who is an orthopedic surgeon who would do the majority of the hardware placement and fusion procedure while he (the neuro) would do the nerve decompression. Any way, I stuck with my original Ortho Dr, its stressful enough getting surgery without changing Docs mid stream. Just my 2 cents...hope everything works out well and keep us all informed and...its good to ask questions!! Lots of great people here.


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