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I am sorry you are going through all this. I know how bad the pain can be. It appears to me that your results are saying that you have a herniated disc at L5-S1. This can cause severe pain in the lower back as well as the middle back due to the muscles in the back over compensating for the lower back issues. It can also cause the pain to go into your butt and/or leg due to the herniated disc hitting the sciatic nerve. However, I would still recommend (if you can) to get the MRI of the middle back done as well.

I have had chronic back pain for 16 years now, and I see a pain specialist as well as a chiropractor. I swear by my chiropractor as I do get relief from it. As for Pain Specialist, they will normally say to have injections in the problem area. This has helped me in the past. However, because you do not have health insurance, I would ask your PCP to give you a steroid pack to see if that gives you any relief as it could bring down the swelling. I've had luck with these early on with my back and my father was lucky enough to ONLY have to take that for long term results.

Now, here is the "what if" There is an issue called stenosis (sp?). It is a narrowing of the nerve canal and can cause horrible pain as well. The test for this is VERY painful but the surgery is not that invasive from what I hear.

I hope this information has helped you a little and that you are able to feel better soon. Oh, I forgot...this REALLY helps me...DO NOT USE HEAT to relieve pain! It helps while it is directly on the area, but once the area cools, the muscles become even tighter and begin to spasm more. I use an ice pack on my back numerous times a day and though it doesn't take away the pain completely, it does help. Some people swear by applying heat and then will just have to see what works for you. Again, good luck and I hope you get some pain relief soon.

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