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Hmmm, I can't say what's up with your location of pain, but I get pain in what feels like my hips, across my entire pelvic region, groin, and even down the front of my left thigh to my knee. I recently found out it's due to stenosis and a large disc herniation at L1/L2. I had 2 bilateral ESI's done recently at this level and it instantly stopped all that nerve pain in all those areas. My only problem is that they only last about 2 weeks for me, then the nerve pains come back. I also get what feels like deep aches on and off in my spine and sacral area. I am assuming it's from the arthritis, but am not done having that investigated.

It's always possible that you pain could be from another disc level, though if you got that new pain and worse after your surgery, it would make me wonder what they did during the surgery.

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