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I have a similar problem with leg pain down the side of my thigh, at times, alternating between one thigh and the other. At first, this only happened when I was standing or walking slowly (like when mall shopping) for more than 20-30 minutes at a time, then it started happening after less time on my feet. Sitting down almost always helped the pain subside, but when I was on my feet too long, it took longer for the pain to go away after sitting.

Turns out, this is being caused by spinal stenosis, due to spondylothesis of L3-L4, (which is basically a hairline fracture in the neck of my vertebrae). This is causing the vertebrae to be pushed out of alignment, which narrows the spinal canal and presses on the nerves. This is why the pain manifests primarily in my legs & not my back. I have a friend who had similar symptoms & he simply had a bulging disc.

I tried PT, losing weight, exercise, strengthening my core, chiropractic care, neurontin 3x/day, muscle relaxers & cortisone shots and nothing gave me lasting relief. In fact, for awhile the pain actually increased. So, I am now scheduled to undergo XLIF surgery where they'll put in screws to stabilize the fracture & replace the bulging disc with growth compound to fuse the vertebrae together. Apparently, this procedure is great for patients with leg pain ... so here's hoping.

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