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Hi everyone. Thank god for this board! I was wondering if I could get some advice. I have degenerative disk disease at L4-L5 and a bulge at L5-S1 with very little spacing at the L4-L5 level and some space compromise at L5-S1. (I used to be 6'3" now am 6' 1 and 3/4"...) I have had this condition for years (tenpin bowled semi professionally). I first had problems at 26 (herniation at L4-L5) and am now 40. I had just gotten to the point after lots of pain that my back became managable (last 6 or so years before recent incidents). I had pains in the morning and stiff getting out of chairs but was mostly ok (Ibuprofen). I refused to think about surgery even after the first incidents left me bedridden for months. I had even gotten back to league bowling on Friday - stiff and sore on Saturday but accepted that.

So, about 1 and 1/2 years ago I was having an unusually bad back day and bent over to pick something up and my right knee bent backward and I felt something "go" in my knee. I tried to compensate too much for my back and somehow my right knee sort of gave out. I was thinking right after that happened "damn, thats going to come back and bite you". After that day my knee always had a somewhat unstable feeling like it was going to "give way" but never any swelling and never have I had any trauma or impact to my knees hip or back (besides the rigorous bowling). I went along like that for a year and a half.

Well, about one month ago on Christmas eve everything was fine (knee still feeling unstable but able to do things) went to the gym got on the elliptical and did 30 mins. (trying to loose weight I am 255 lbs.) Finished up got in the car to shop and when I got out at the mall 1 hour later I started limping. Pain in my right groin area causing me to limp on my right leg. It got really bad to the point that on Christmas day I was looking really bad barely able to walk without pain. Trying to put a sock on that right leg was really a struggle and painful for about a week. The pain was in the groin and my back was in play too, with my back spasaming when trying to lean forward to get the sock on. It has gotten somewhat better since then but as it did my knee came into play and now there is a pain from my hip/groin all the way down the thigh to the inside of my knee. I made an appointment with the Ortho who did the reflex tests with the triangle thingy (all good there) and took an xray of my back and hip. The hip looked fine but Doc scheduled me for an MRI on the hip this coming Saturday 1/22/11 and a follow up with him on the 25th. My back had obvious issues on xray but he said we would address that later and for now address the hip pain. He did not seem too concerned with the knee though. My knee situation is scary because again no trauma such as a car accident etc. but now knee feels like its burning even when resting. This post seems to be about knee/hip but really I think its my back perpetuating all of this hence posting here.

Can anyone suggest what I could have possibly done to my right knee when bending over that one time?

Can anyone suggest what might be going on re the elliptical incident and my hip/groin? I mean this came out of nowhere and at no point during the exersice did my body give any indications, I was feeling great actually.

What should I ask from my Ortho Doc on my next visit?

Thanks for reading and any advice anyone can give! (I know it was quite long)


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