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teethandtoes -- You make some valid observations. When they used to diagram proper posture and used a series of blocks to show where the shoulders should be in relation to the pelvis, the pelvis to the knees, knees to the ankles and feet, etc. they weren't too far off. The way we carry our bodies begins with the placement of our feet. If the feet are pronated, it results in the ankles leaning in, which causes a rotation of the leg, which usually results in a tilted or rotated pelvis. It can throw the SI joints off as well.

People often think they have one leg that is shorter than the other, when in reality it is because one hip is carried higher than the other. Following on up the spine, this rotation results in one shoulder being carried higher than the other, and usually, or at least, often, the head to carried too far forward.

All this misalignment throws the soft tissue off and causes muscle imbalances, and all of this results in weird things happening to the structure of the spine. It causes uneven pressure on the discs, which can lead to disc herniation, and a variety of other issues.

You can imagine that after a lifetime of improper body alignment, it is normal to find someone favoring one side of the body over the other. I realized that for six decades I've been standing with my weight on one leg, with the other one pointed out, that when I sit, I always cross my left leg over the right (which puts most of my weight on the right side), When I sit, if not careful, I favor the right side, slump to the right, etc. I am learning to sit with both feet on the floor, with equal weight on my "sit bones." When standing, I put weight on both feet equally. I am trying to avoid crossing one leg over the other.

If you have problems with your back you may need to see a specialist...but they will not address over-all body alignment, musculature, etc. You might find it interesting to read about the Feldenkrais method of movement or look at the work of Esther Gohalke.

I have treatments about three times per month with a guy who keeps me in alignment. I call him my "rearranger" but obviously, one cannot look up that specialty in the phone book! He does acupuncture and bodywork to keep my SI joints in place and to keep me going, in general.

There are people out there who know what you're talking about. It just takes awhile to find them!

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