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So many of us felt like you do now. After my failed laminectomy surgery in 2008 I was given pain meds but only took them when necessary. Now I suffer from failed back surgery with excruciating back, hip and leg pain. I cannot go a whole 24 hrs on no meds. I take lyrics 75 mg xnd 5/325 oxycodone, soma at times. Nothing touches my pain. My doc just put me on morphine pills and I hv yet to take them because I do not want to feel like an addict to pills, but at the same time I need them just to function. My legs and feet feel like it's on fire. I'm actually worse off now than I was bfore my surgery. I hope to be getting my spinal cord stim soon. We here r desperate people whether we say we don't want to b hooked on
Pain pills, we will b if u r like me and will hv to deal with this crap for the rest of our lives. I can no longer work and completed graduate school 34 years ago. Talk about depression. And I hv a 5 yr old to raise, my quality of life is so low I would do anything just to hv my old life back. I hate ever having this surgery but I had too. I thought I was gonna b healed now I'm living in he'll. But tell u what. I thank God for the pain meds. At least it takes the edge off for a few hours.

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