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[quote=rpm12;4672015]hello there all.

I have been diagnosed with a synovial cyst at l5. I have a good ortho surgeon, i feel. He found the cyst on a mri, when the radiologist did not see it. I am having another mri tomorrow to get a better picture of it. The first one was open, this is closed.

My question. I am having pain down both legs. The pain seems to start at the butt area, goes down the back of my thighs, then stops on the right leg, but on the left continues down the side of my calf and to my ankle. The worst pain is in the back of my thighs and my ankle. To me it's obvious nerve pain, shooting, burning and vibrating. My doctor is concerned the pain is in both legs, and is wondering if there might be something else going on. So he will be having me have an injection to see if it helps the pain. If he determines the cyst is the total of the problem i will be having a microdisectomy. The rest of my back is good other than slight scoliosis.

Has anyone had pain in both legs from a cyst? Doc said it can even be caused by one leg giving the other the message to hurt. But he feels the bilateral leg pain is unusual for the cysts.

If it's not the cyst causing both leg pain, any direction to what else it might be? Can anything other than sciatica of some sort cause those type of symptoms? I have no pain in my feet at all, and they tested my feet for neuropathy, none, nor do i have any problems with the circulation in my legs.

Thank you so much for any help you may give. I have learned so much already from these boards.[/quote]

i know what ur going through .. After 8 years of searching for answers i just found what my issues r ... They found 2 cyst in my lower back that causes pain in my left leg.. Although i also have pressure in my pelvic area as well.. I have the same pain that u explained.. They want to do a myelogram to get a better look.. They seen in my mri that the cyst r pressing on the nerves that r leading into my left leg causing my left leg to have a low pulse in it.. Sound like u dont it lol.. Im still waiting to hear more answers after my test tomarrow... I am scared to death cause ive never had nothing stuck in my back before..ill keep u posted on what they find after my test i have to go through.. Good luck

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