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[QUOTE=footny;4734739]My pain started in January of 2010.

I have a pinched nerve at the L-5 and it is bugling. I went to one Spine Specialist at Shands Hospital in Jacksonville who told me to try epidurals. They didn't work. Than I was told Shands is not a good hospital. So I went to two different neurosurgeons, because 2 different doctors of mine recommended them, they both said no, try a chiropractor, acupuncture, physical therapy.

I can sit for about 10 minutes, I get burning pain down my left leg. It is getting worse, my but hurts.

I had a different type of MRI, where you sit down and do lateral positions and the neurosurgeon said my bulge is worse. I go to Physical Therapy for my neck (car accident, different story) and they looked at my MRI cd and said I should get surgery.

I am staying at my Mom's in North Florida, my cousin recommended the neurosurgeon, that is the only one she knows. The MayoClinic in Jacksonville is not taking any more spine patients.[/QUOTE]

Wow Footny,
I completely feel your pain. I had a pinched nerve at L4/L5 and that was AWFUL!!! My disc was ruptured though, not buldging. My NS said surgery immediately! I had that nasty painful burning sensation down my right leg and my 'butt' (kinda deep inside where the hip joint would be) hurt fiercely too. I hope you find relief soon. It sounds like you are in quite a bit of pain and have not found any relief thus far. Hopefully, you will find a NS who will help you achieve the relief you need. please keep us posted as to how you are doing.

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