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Thank You for replying to my post:)
i.e. i know its long but please read about my story :)

my laminectomy and decompression was done at levels L3-4 L4-5 L5-S1

yes i have a lot of pain in my buttock and running down my legs at first i didn't know what it was then a doctor told me it was coming from my back, i had been going to a university doctor from age 1 to 15 but then they dismissed me because they said it was nothing else they could do :confused: so my mom took me to doctor 2hours away and he referred me to a spinal surgeon
the spinal surgeon told me that if i didn't have the laminectomy i was going to be paralyzed and about 3 weeks later i was in surgery i went home 3 days later still hurting and feeling bad, 10 days later i was getting no better and i was leaking fluid from my incision so my mom took me to the E.R. they said my white blood count was elevated because of surgery and they sent me home with a different pain med


4 days after that i woke up feeling very bad and my bed was soaked with a yellow fluid and blood and i had a slight fever and a very bad headache my mom called my surgeon and his nurse said she would call in a antibiotic
so my mom watched over me and waited for the antibiotic to be called in to the pharmacy while we was waiting i took a nap when i woke up 4hours had passed and fluid was just shooting out of my back and my head was killing me so my mom checked my temp and it was 103.5 she called 911 when i got to the hospital they tried to get my fever down but it got up to 104.3 and they took some cultures and M.R.I and that's when they called my surgeon
and the ambulance took me to the hospital where my surgeon was about a 1 hour away by that time it was the next day about 1 A.M. and my head was killing me and i felt like i was burning up the nurse gave me a fan and kept giving me pain meds (they were not helping) that's when they told me i had [B]SEPSIS[/B] AND THEY WERE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IF IT HAD GOT INTO MY BONES.

THEY took me to the O.R. and i had a debridement surgery and i stayed in the hospital about a week after that. [B]I HAVE TO SAY THAT WAS SCARIEST TIME IN MY LIFE I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE[/B] THEY TOLD ME LIFE THREATENING DETERIORATION WAS HIGHLY PROBABLE.

I'm still in pain all the time i don't have feeling in my right leg my lower back still swells and my buttock always feel like its on fire and my crack hurts all the time i have pains shooting down my leg down to my toes
I'm still walking with a walker just taking it day by day dealing with depression cause I'm always in pain and cant do stuff people my age do :(

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