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I'm sorry you are unable to get some help at this point. Sometimes over the counter drugs like Advil or Naproxin will help with the pain. Also have you tried icing your lower lumbar back when the pain is bothering you? You can use a bag of frozen corn or peas, and ice for about 20 minutes at a time, taking care not to freeze the skin.

I had bad sciatic pain for five years before having surgery and found great relief in these two positions. Perhaps one might work for you.

Lie on the floor, flat on back, knees bent and feet flat on floor. Arms should be close to sides with palms facing up. Be sure your entire body is in straight alignment (don't lie "crooked"). Keep your chin very slightly want the spine to be as much in alignment as possible. Then just relax...breathe deeply and slowly from the belly...and just stay this way 5 minutes or as long as it is comfortable.

The second position is a variation. Lie with your hips up against the base of a couch or chair.(head facing away and perpendicular from couch). Lift legs and rest calves on the seat of the couch (arms and breathing are the same as above).

These two positions let your spine get out from the weight of gravity, allow the discs to unload and the muscles to relax.

Regarding the arthritis in your spine...have you ever seen an older person with enlarged joints in their hands from arthritis? The same type thing can happen in the spinal joints...little bone spurs can build up on the bones of the spine. Sometimes when this happens, these boney nodules can take up space in the central canal or the foramina where the spinal nerves need to pass -- since the space is somewhat restricted, it can result in the nerve being squeezed or pinched, which results in the pain we may feel in the buttock, leg, ankle and foot.

When this "blockage" is more or less centrally located, it can cause pain in both isn't all that common, but it does happen and is certainly possible. This is a very rough explanation so you can picture how arthritis might cause pain symptoms in your legs!!

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